About Us

Tablelands to Tabletop the Nason Family Produce Delivery Service


We are a family run company owed and operated by us -the Nason family and we live in Mareeba. There's myself -Angela Nason - nee Price and I was born and raised right here in Mareeba on the Atherton Tablelands on our family farm. My family have grown many crops here over the last 60+ years - tobacco, navy beans, pumpkins, onions, watermelons, potatoes. Currently my parents have a small lime & dragon fruit plantation and also a few other small fruit trees. The majority of my fathers side of the family - The Prices are farmers & graziers- growing a range of crops such as lime, avocado and dragon fruit plantations and also cattle graziers here on the Tablelands and Cape York. My husband Greg Nason is from Boonah, South of Ipswich and he grew up on a dairy & flower farm. Together we raise our three small children - Matthew, Amy & Jake and they love getting out on our families farms to help pick and pack the produce.


We started our company during the covid-19 pandemic after the government shut down cafe's, restaurants & non-essential food businesses. This left our small local farmers at a loss with what to do with their produce that was now left falling onto the ground going to waste. Offering the community weekly produce delivery was a much needed service and it took off. We have food security here right at our doorstep and this is something great that is available to our community.


To connect our community with our local farmers right here on the Atherton Tablelands. We have a rather large range of produce grown and produced right here on our doorstep - fruit, vegetables, raw honey, free range eggs, coffee, tea, biscuits, jams, chutneys, pickles, beef jerky, macadamia nuts, worcestershire sauce, organic freeze dried fruits, coconut chips, chia seeds and so much more! We will take our farmers second grade produce first, if that is not available we will purchase their premium grade. This saves the wonderful produce that the major supermarkets won't take and farmers having to send to landfill.


Our local farmers pick produce on a Monday, we collect on a Tuesday via our refrigerated truck, pack our customers orders from our Mareeba warehouse on a Wednesday & delivered right to our customers homes three days a week - Wednesday, Thursday & Friday.  
This means our produce is picked fresh, there is minimal handling, the nutritional value is high and there is a zero need for plastic wrapping.


When you purchase from our company you are supporting your local farmers & our local economy as your hard earned dollars stay right here and get spent in our community. We offer rewards to our returning customers, the more our customers spend the more free produce and discounts they will receive.


We have over 50 local farmers that we are working with on the Atherton Tablelands. We have the ability purchase in season produce grown right here on our doorstep, we are not impacted by major road closures if there are floods or transport disruptions.
The majority of our local farmers are our family, neighbours and friends that we have know for decades. Our farmers have a very strict food safety standards & practices that they follow. We have full trust in our farmers that they provide the best quality produce with the highest nutritional value.